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Splash shower

Pure pleasure: a gush shower massages your head and shoulder girdle and has a relaxing effect.

At the same time, the splash shower is a visual highlight that stands out in your pool oasis. The pleasant waterfall sound has a calming effect and also contributes to relaxation.


Massage jets are a healthy way to make your pool more attractive. You pump water or a mixture of water and air into the pool – it’s good for you and relaxes you.

Important here:

When installing, make sure that the nozzles are inserted at the right height for you, e.g. in the calf, upper and lower back area.


A cane bench invites you to relax comfortably in your pool. The bench is designed in such a way that it can easily be combined with massage jets or a counter-current swimming system.

On request, the bench can be equipped with air bubbles to generate an additional massage effect.

Counter-swimming systems

The pump of the counter-current system pumps water into the pool under pressure. The water jet creates a current that you can swim against.


  • Also pay attention to the performance of the system. If it is too weak, the training effect will be lost because you will “swim over” the water jet. This is especially true for ambitious swimmers.
  • As an alternative to counter-current systems with pumps, there are counter-current turbines. These generate a counter-current electrically with an underwater propeller. Depending on the desired performance, one or more propellers can be used.
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A key component of the pool is your choice of entry. There are numerous design options here. For example, these are

  • Straight access steps
    The most comfortable way to get in and out of a pool is by stairs.
    The most common variant here is a version with a width of 80-100 cm.
  • Staircase with landing
    A highlight is the design of a landing (double the width of a normal stair tread) on the first or second step.
    You can enjoy this as a comfortable seat in shallow water to relax.
  • Corner staircase
    The corner staircase is a very visually appealing variant. The top step can be made larger to ensure a comfortable entry.
  • Tubular ladder
    The “slim” entry-level version because it takes up the least space.


A highlight: the combination of glass and stainless steel. You can glaze entire sides of the pool or just parts of it. What’s more, with special lighting effects you can take a bath in nature or your surroundings.

When using real glass, the glass thickness is only about half that of acrylic glass. Acrylic glass is the slightly cheaper version.


Systems for detecting drowning victims.
The innovative software and underwater cameras record all swimmers’ movements and send a message in the event of an incident.

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This mobile timing system is the perfect way for ambitious swimmers to control their training.

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Simple, seamless design that is perfectly accentuated by the high-quality finish

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