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Why stainless steel? - A material for eternity!
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Stainless steel has many advantages over alternative pool materials, which can be seen not only in its attractive appearance but also in many other facts:

Low maintenance

compared to alternative pool materials such as liners or tiles

Consistent appearance

of the material – no fading as it is UV and weather resistant

Permanent tightness

due to the welding of the joints and the resistant material

Beautiful appearance and luxurious design

Almost any shape and design can be realized

Increase in value

of your own property

Short construction time

through prefabrication of the stainless steel parts


best solution, as there are no joints and no rough surfaces, bacteria cannot settle so easily

Renovation of old swimming pools possible

The ability to reproduce all shapes and geometries with stainless steel means that old swimming pools can be permanently renovated

Uncomplicated overwintering

Stainless steel pools are winterized with water and require little maintenance and winterization

Pool-Einstiege von AQA Steel

Stainless steel grades used in swimming pool construction

1.4301 – the cheapest material (also used in kitchen construction), but only partially suitable for use in swimming pool construction due to its corrosion resistance. This material is not used on the water side in the municipal/public sector.

1.4404 – the most common material in swimming pool construction. Provided there are no extreme, extraordinary loads, this is the material with the best price-performance ratio.

1.4462 – more expensive than 1.4404, but considerably harder and more corrosion-resistant. This material is mainly used, for example, when a stone cover is used for the overflow channel or when the material in the hall area is above the water line and is regularly exposed to water vapor. There is an increased risk of corrosion due to the constant wetting and drying of the chloride-containing water. Processing is more demanding than with 1.4404 due to the material hardness.

1.4547 – SMO – is the most expensive swimming pool material that can withstand very high loads (salts, etc.). The material costs around 3 to 4 times as much as 1.4404. Processing is more demanding than with 1.4404 due to the material hardness.

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