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Exceptional, high quality & made of stainless steel
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Pools für Hotels / Kommunal von AQA Steel

A stainless steel pool from AQASTEEL

The perfect combination of beauty and luxury. Stainless steel, a material for eternity. Robust, durable, hygienic, luxurious.

State-of-the-art production facilities, geared towards the highest degree of prefabrication, enable your swimming pool dream to be realized quickly and cost-effectively.

Whether as an outdoor or indoor pool – a stainless steel pool is a purchase for life. Strictly speaking, for eternity. But here too, small things have a big impact. It is therefore worthwhile for you to obtain comprehensive information before you make a decision and invest your money.

Edelstahlpools für Tourismus & Hotellerie

Consulting, planning and implementation

Hotel pools and chalet pools are commercially used facilities and are subject to the pool hygiene regulations.

With over 18 years of experience in the swimming pool industry, we are your contact for commercial stainless steel pools and associated technology.

We provide you with everything from consulting to planning and implementation from a single source. We support you in the submission planning as well as in the coordination with the authorities and realize your pool project together with you.


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