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AURA swimming pool enclosures
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A pool enclosure or pool cover from Aura reduces the cleaning effort and actively protects the pool for children and animals. The additional air cushion between the enclosure and the water insulates the pool against cooling and extends the pool season. Aura pool enclosures are available from super-flat to high, with plastic panes, toughened safety glass or laminated safety glass. Over 100 retailers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Benelux are Aura system partners.

Which pool enclosure is right for me?

AURA offers you a large selection of modern enclosures with a great look for your pool. The design highlight is the Evolution E2G.

A modern, super-flat pool cover with a frameless all-glass look that is also highly valued by architects. But you will also find the classic round arch shape on offer. Aura also offers models with a single-sided track and real glass. From model year 2022, Aura will have

Floor F1 is the first walk-on flat cover in the range. This gives you more space by the pool. What all models have in common is the high-quality finish and attention to detail in the fittings, which make all the difference.

AURA delivers your pool enclosure in record time

AURA has the shortest delivery times in the swimming pool industry. AURA manufactures standard models in just 14 working days. The AURA Tourcheck helps you to plan the right delivery date and when you should order for this date at the latest.

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