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In general, there are many forms of energy optimization in swimming pool construction to keep the pool water at the desired temperature.

A lot of energy/heat is lost through:

Evaporation of the water

Evaporation on the surface is the cause of the greatest energy loss in swimming pools. This corresponds to approx. 60-70% of the total loss.

Radiation at the water surface

Heat loss due to radiation on the surface of the water. Approx. 2/3 of the solar radiation is available for increasing the water temperature. The rest is reflected by the surface of the water.


Convection – heat loss through flow.

External attractions

Heat loss due to air intake from attractions.

Soil and/or groundwater

Heat loss to the ground and/or groundwater.

Fresh water

Heat loss due to fresh water supply.

Energie Optimierung - AQA Steel Edelstahlpools

Reduction in energy consumption

To keep these losses as low as possible, the following measures are recommended:

Swimming pool cover

Water heating

Water heating with heat exchanger or heat pump


soling the floor and walls of the pool (provided the appropriate environmental conditions are met)

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